What are Saitama City Educators Open Badges?

saitama city educators open badges

Part of what makes a professional are qualifications. In addition, there is a set of skills, a range of abilities and a host of achievements that make a professional suitable for a particular job. Traditional qualifications do not showcase these skills, abilities and achievements well. They need to be supplemented.

Mozilla Open Badges  are an open technical standard any organization can use to create, issue and verify digital badges. Each badge represents a skill ability or achievement. Each badge has important data built in that links back to the issuer, criteria and verifying evidence.

You can collect badges from multiple sources, online and off, into a single backpack.Then display your skills and achievements on social networking profiles, job sites, websites and more. This makes your contributions to SCE independent of our website and gives you control over how you present yourself to a professional community or potential employer.

You can see all of the Saitama City Educators Open Badges here.