Why are these Recommended?

The individuals, products and services listed here are recommended by SCE. We do not sell advertising space; we simply admire people who are doing it themselves and want to help them. If you have a product or project you want to promote, please contact John at contact@saitamacityeducators.org


AGO Card Games

Recommended: AGO

AGO is an EFL card game for English students of all ages – especially elementary and high school students. By mixing useful English questions, picture clues and exciting gameplay, AGO makes learning English lots of fun!

I have used this game with club students and found it to be a good springboard into debate activities [John].

AGO can be found here.


Genki English

Reccomended: GENKI ENGLISH

Engage your students in the energetic, “Genki” world of songs, games and exciting lessons. Have all your students, and their parents, learning more than you could imagine and begging you for more. If you need an instant boost of energy in your English lessons right now, then this is the program for you! Find out more at http://genkienglish.net/Alternatively, go to the Genki English YouTube channel here.”

I have purchased the Teacher’s Pack and am an avid reader of the blog. Highly recommended [John].

Genki English can be found here.




englishbooks.jp – your one-stop shop for all your ELT textbook and classroom resource needs. We supply over 20,000 products from all major ELT publishers, and pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding customer needs on price, range and service. We offer 15-20% discount on most ELT products, as well as fast, free shipping on orders of 8,000 yen and above. Feel free to contact us should you require advice or guidance on your choice of materials, we’re always happy to help. We look forward to welcoming you soon!” 

The staff at englishbooks.jp are friendly and knowledgable. They are a well established part of the EFL community in the kanto [John].

Englishbooks.jp can be found here.


English Teachers in Japan

Recommended: ETJ

ETJ was founded by David Paul in 1999. He felt there was a need for a new grass-roots association for English teachers around Japan that was as accessible as possible to the busy classroom teacher and which encouraged as many teachers as possible to exchange ideas and to develop professionally. There are now between 9,000 and 10,000 members around Japan.  Most aspects of ETJ are now managed by the ‘ETJ Coordinators’ which consists of the coordinators of each ETJ group or project. Language Teaching Professionals has just become the national administrative office for ETJ.”

I am a member and have attended several of their well organized events [John].

ETJ can be found here.


ETJ Book Service

Recommended: ETJ

This is an online bookstore for members of ETJ (English Teachers in Japan). Members will be able to order any English language text or resource book that is published internationally and available in Japan. There will be a 20% discount and free postage on orders over 10,000 yen. To order, please contact David Paul directly by email with the names and quantities of books you require. Orders will be acknowledged by email.”

The ETJ Book Service can be found here.


Happy Valley

Recommended: HAPPY VALLEY

Happy Valley is designed for kids as old as 6 or as young as 2 who come with a parent. The Student Book contains 10 Units, plus 5 review activities. Each Unit includes a story as told by the characters and narrator, chants and songs for all vocabulary, a simple dialogue to get kids talking in simple phrases and a variety of activities to do in class. The vocabulary is laid out in the order of the chants and songs, making it easy to follow along, sing and move. 4 activities are provided in each Unit, with lots of stickers, coloring and matching. In the back of the book there is an extra activity and song as well as a picture dictionary and the bus route for tracking students’ attendance and target achievement. A sticker pack is attached to the back cover so nothing gets lost. Free shipping in Japan!

I attended a workshop run by the authors and was very impressed [John].

Happy Valley can be found here.



Recommended: LLEX

Leander’s Lexicon Extractor (LLEX) is a free online tool that allows students and teachers of English to quickly extract and list important vocabulary from an inputted text. Users can choose which vocabulary levels they would like to extract and can also have outputted words link to their Japanese translations, pronunciations, English definitions, synonyms, or their corresponding entries on Wikipedia.”

I have both used this tool extensively and recommended it to many colleagues and students. Highly recommended [John].

LLEX can be found here.