Event: Joint SCE / Omiya JALT MyShare December 2013

On December 8th, 6 SCE Contributors presented at the first joint SCE/Omiya JALT MyShare! event.   MyShare! is a type of JALT event where members or guests present ideas, techniques, games and activities that have worked well.  Each presentation is around 15-30 minutes long, focusing on practical explanation, demonstration, or getting the audience to do the […]

SCE Badge: Proofreader

The ‘Proofreading‘ badge, was issued to Todd Berozsky, through the Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI).  Todd assisted the publication of JSCE Volume 3, Issue 4 as a proofreader.  

Proofreading: JSCE Volume 3, Issue 4

The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE) is an online journal.  It is an official publication with an ISSN number (ISSN: 2185-7822).  Todd Berozsky assisted the publication of Volume 3, Issue 4 as a proofreader.

SCE Badge: Contributor

The ‘Contributor‘ badge, was issued to Todd Berozsky, through the Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI).  Todd presented at an event participated in by さいたま市教育家会 (SCE).

Poster Presentation: SCE Professional Development Clinic

On July 7th an SCE contributor was part of a poster session at the Nakasendo English Conference 2013.  The title of the poster session was: SCE Professional Development Clinic.  The goal of the session was to promote the SCE organisation and to showcase the work of individual members. Todd Berozsky (SCE): SCE Professional Development Clinic Abstract: This poster session is a showcase of […]

Todd Berozsky’s Page

さいたま市教育家会 (SCE) is a community of educators.  We believe that by collaborating under the aegis of an organisation we benefit each other by association.  This page lists all of the contributions made by Todd Berozsky to SCE.