JSCE: A Fun Activity for Teaching Shopping

The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE) is an online journal.  It is an official publication with an ISSN number (ISSN: 2185-7822).  An SCE member contributed an article to JSCE, Volume 3, Issue 2. Tanya Erdelyi: A Fun Activity for Teaching Shopping Abstract: Teaching English to low proficiency level, lowly motivated students is a common occurrence in […]

Issue Editor: Volume 3, Issue 2

さいたま市教育家会ジャーナル (JSCE) is an online journal.  We are an official publication, published in Saitama City, Japan with the ISSN number 2185-7822.  Volume 3, Issue 2 was guest edited by Tanya Erdelyi.   Issue 2 can be read online or downloaded here. About: Tanya Erdelyi has been teaching English in Japan since 2006.  She is the Membership Chair at the Yokohama branch […]