JSCE: Daiso Classroom

The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE) is an online journal.  It is an official publication with an ISSN number (ISSN: 2185-7822).  An SCE member contributed an article to JSCE, Volume 2, Issue 2. Matthew Shannon and Emery Premeaux: Daiso Classroom Abstract: Good lesson ideas often meet their doom at the hands of the most […]

Event: Omiya JALT ‘My Share’

On March 11th five SCE members presented at JALT Omiya’s My Share! event: John Finucane  (SCE, JALT): How to Create an Effective ‘Cloze’ Listening Activity Alexander Procter (SCE): Effective Task Based Learning Through Jigsaw Activities Matthew Shannon (SCE, JALT) and Emery Premeaux (SCE): Daiso Classroom Alana Schramm (SCE, AJET): Using Sounds and Smells to Teach Vocabulary The Japan Association of Language […]