Presentation: Organic Apples to Apples

On July 7th an SCE contributor presented at the Nakasendo English Conference 2014. Michelle Martinie (SCE): Organic Apples to Apples Abstract: This talk will explain how high school students can use the English vocabulary they have already acquired to make their own games.  The two games that will be covered are, “The Picture Game,” and, “Apples to Apples.”.

Event: Omiya MyShare December 2012

On December 9th five SCE members presented at JALT Omiya’s My Share! event: John Finucane  (SCE, JALT): WordPress Michelle Martinie (SCE): Organic Apples to Apples Alexander Procter (SCE): Using YouTube in the Classroom Rebecca Ros (SCE, AJET): How to Pen to a Pen Pal Brad Semans (SCE, JALT): Attention!   John Finucane  (SCE, JALT): WordPress Abstract: Why I love WordPress and how I use it. Bio: […]

Event: MyShare Practice

On the 25th of November SCE hosted an event for SCE members who will be presenting at Omiya JALT’s December meeting.  Planned by John Finucane and Matthew Shannon, the aim of the event was to provide attendees with an opportunity to practice and collaborate in preparation for Omiya JALT’s MyShare event. Six SCE members were involved: John Finucane (SCE, JALT), Michelle Martinie […]

Teacher Training: Junior High School Working Group

On the 29th of January SCE hosted an event for Japanese educators working in junior high schools.  Planned by Brad Semans and John Finucane, the aim of the event was to form a working group to plan communicative lessons for junior high school classes; in anticipation of the 2013 New Course of Study. Several SCE members […]