Presentation: Changing [Eikaiwa] in ES Today

On June 9th an SCE contributor presented at Omiya JALT and ETJ Saitama‘s Sainokuni: Joint Event. Fumie Kakuchi (SCE, JALT): Changing [Eikaiwa] in ES Today Abstract: Fumie Kakuchi is a Japanese Assistant Teacher for Saitama City.  There she teaches a 35 hour per year program for 5th and 6th grade students.  She has worked in one of the city’s model schools for the last […]

Fumie Kakuchi’s Page

さいたま市教育家会 (SCE) is a community of educators.  We believe that by collaborating under the aegis of an organisation we benefit each other by association.  This page lists all of the contributions made by Fumie Kakuchi to SCE.