What is an Affiliate?

An organization, product or service created by an SCE Associate Contributor. We do not sell advertising space. We simply admire people who are doing it themselves and want to help them. If you have an idea for a project we want to get involved.  We think that by working together under the aegis of an organization, we benefit each other by association. For more information on how to affiliate with SCE please contact John at contact@saitamacityeducators.org




Created by John FinucaneLet’sDebate.jp is a website for anyone interested debate and critical thinking. Language learners can earn a debate license with Let’sDebate.jp. Language teachers can access a suite of resources for teaching debate and critical thinking. To find out more click here.




Created by Matthew Shannononegaiseamus is a YouTube channel for language teaching professionals in Japan. It combines practical advice, how tos and ideas on lesson planning and classroom management. To find out more click here.



Created by Tyson RodeVerbalize.jp is a website to help language teaching professionals in Japan communicate effectively in elementary, secondary, post-secondary and other educational settings. The focus of this website is on polite and practical  language forms so that teachers can feel confident speaking Japanese with colleagues in a variety of situations. To find out more click here.